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BitDefender Products

No pop-ups. No configuring. No interruptions. In fact, it requires zero interaction on your part. That's the kind of silent security you'll find in all three levels of Bitdefender 2014 antivirus software. Whether you're a PC novice or expert, parent or gamer, select the protection that's right for you!

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Fraud Detection and Prevention

From the days when our institutions had heaps of files all locked and manned by police men to date where files are electronically stored, information security has always been breached by by internal trusted users or by outsiders that have managed to gain user access or collaboration with internal employees. This has only been exacerbated by cases where staff compromise there duty and sell confidential information to outsiders.

Many organizations like banks, Parastatal insurance, NGOs are shocked when it transpires that staffs from the most junior level to senior executives are potentially involved in information fraud.

It has been estimated that about 80% of fraud in Kenya involves someone from within the organisation, possibly working in collusion with other external or internal parties. Many Companies are unaware of the degree of losses resulted by the fraud that their company suffers and actual damage sometimes misclassified as computer error.

Due to lack or non existence of proper security measures an average fraud scheme exists 2 years before discovery and it is often a tip-off from one of the partaker who has been sidelined that encourages a company to look in more detail at suspicious transactions and events.

We provide a unique combination of real-time alerts and cross-channel analytics with easy, comprehensive data capture directly from the corporate network and from other sources. Our system Monitor and builds a profile of "normal" activity for each customer and account amounts, payment pace, preferred channel, payees, and transaction types, etc. Unusual transactions are quickly identified and blocked until reviewed by fraud investigators.

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