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Anti Money Laundering (AML)

Defination of Anti-Money Laundering by FATF
“the processing of…criminal proceeds to disguise their illegal origin” in order to “legitimize” the ill-gotten gains of crime.
The Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF)

Anti-Money Laundering Stages
1. Placement
2. Layering
3. Integration

1. Placement
The initial stage of the process involves placement of illegally derived funds into the financial system, usually through a financial institution

2. Layering
The second money laundering stage occurs after the ill-gotten gains have entered the financial system, at which point the funds, securities or insurance contracts are converted or moved to other institutions, further separating them from their criminal source.

3. Integration
The third stage involves the integration of funds into the legitimate economy. This is accomplished through the purchase of assets, such as real estate, securities or other financial assets, or luxury goods.

Intellinx addresses the areas of greatest concern to regulators including:
Customer Due Diligence and Know Your Customer includes

•Alert on missing documentation
•Alert on missing verification data
•Setting Risk Score per customer profile
•Identify mismatch with qualifying a PEP and missing CDD flag
•Missing management approvals

Transaction monitoring Module Includes:-

•Alerts on suspicious activity across all channels, including channels that are difficult for other products to monitor
•Alerts on suspicious transaction activity based on list of existing AML rules
•Alerts based on new patterns and rules, Can also run against historical data

Regulatory reporting

•Automatically identifies transactions required for filing, automatically routes the regulatory filing through creation, review, filing, and logging
•Cases are opened automatically and are routed to investigators. Link analysis helps investigators identify connections
•Investigations ready for filing route the regulatory filing
•Currency transaction report (CTR), suspicious transaction report (STR), Suspicious Activities Reports (SAR) (automatic, per country)

Political Exposed Persons (PEP) and Watch List Management (WLM)

•Alerts on PEP activity using built-in list and rules capability
•Alerts on activity that hits against Sanctions Lists using built-in list and rules capability
•Alert capability is easily extended by business users to meet any custom monitoring needs

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