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Staff Monitoring and Forensics

The Challenge

Providing a high quality and secured service for critical applications is a major challenge for most organizations. Achieving adequate service levels depends primarily on the ability to monitor the end-user experience and spot potential problems in real-time. Another challenge organizations are facing is providing effective and friendly user interface which is key to end-user satisfaction.

The Intellinx Monitoring Solution

Intellinx introduces the first-of-its-kind cross platform user behavior monitoring solution. The solution records the activity of all users by sniffing the network traffic between the end users and the main servers. The system analyzes the captured traffic in real-time and reconstructs full user sessions, allowing for screen-by-screen replay and behavior analysis.
The analyzed screens and keystrokes represent the full user experience, thus can be used for a wide range of purposes including:

• Analysis of response time of the monitored applications and of specific sensitive transactions within these applications.
• Analysis of availability and healthiness of the monitored applications.
• Profiling user behavior and detecting suspicious activity, e.g. fraud attempts in ePayments.
• Detection of application errors.
• Detection of user errors.
• Analysis of user workflows for improving application user interfaces.
• Assisting help desk operators and application specialists in handling calls about system and application problems.

The system provides a highly flexible and friendly Web based user interface which presents the results of the analyzed information in dashboards, reports and charts (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, etc.).

In addition to network sniffing the system can collect information in a variety of ways from databases, data warehouse, log files and other sources in real-time and batch. The data captured from various sources is stored in one centralized repository and is analyzed by the Intellinx business rule engine.

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